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Services   Fabrication
Online Quote/Order
Quick turn proto types
1-2 layers Same Day
Multilayer 24 hours
Quick turn Productions
1-2 layers 24 hours
Multilayer 48 hours
Standard Production
1-2 layers 1-2 weeks
Multilayer 1-3 weeks
  Single, Double and multilayers
Up to 12 layers 4mil Line/Spacing
Immersion Gold, Soft Bondable Gold
Gold tabs, Selective gold, White Tin
Blind and Buried Vias
Scored and Tab route Panels
Electrical Testing
UL approved
Assembly   CAD/CAM
Quick turn proto type assembly
Low to High volume production
Complete turnkey
SMT and Though hole
Fine Pitch SMT, BGA
Functional Testing

Laser Photo Plotting
Gerber File/AutoCAD files
Drill files/Fabrication Data
Data Conversion
Netlist Creation
Reverse Engineering
Artwork Scanning